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Free Trademark Search
  • Our free preliminary trademark search is done on the official database of CIPC, the registry of trademarks in South Africa. This is the first step to quickly assess whether your proposed trademark might be available for registration - even if your proposed trademark does not appear on the list we will send you, the results should never be used for registration purposes.


  • A trademark identifies the goods and / or services of the owner of the mark. It provides protection to the owner of the mark by ensuring exclusive rights to use it to identify goods or services, or to authorize another to use it in return for payment.
  • A trade mark may consist of words, numerals, drawings, signs, symbols, colours or combinations thereof.
  • Your trademark can be a brand name, a slogan, a logo or a specific shape or a combination thereof, for example:
  1. Brand name e.g. Coca Cola or Aquafresh
  2. Slogan e.g. Let your fingers do the walking
  3. Logo (or device) e.g. the McDonald's "M"
  4. Specific shape e.g. the Coca Cola bottle
  5. Colour e.g. the Edgar's red square
  • A trademark is a capital asset and your business's most important marketing tool. The consumer identifies your company's goods and services with the distinctive features of your trade mark and may lead to brand loyalty.
  • (All the trademarks on this website are registered trademarks and only used here to provide examples)

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  • Free trademark check
  • Industry standard availability trademark searches
  • Preparation and filing of trademark applications
  • Legal services and free advice
  • All for R1,950.00 per word mark or logo
  • Or personalised quotes to suit your needs and budget



  • We provide a wide range of trademarks, companies and legalisation services to many attorney firms - contact us!


  • You will get the exclusive rights to use your trade mark in respect of the goods or services for which it was registered. This will prevent unauthorised use of your trademark.
  • Registered trademarks and pending applications are reflected in the official trademark register at CIPC and your brand now becomes visible to others. Consumers will also become familiar with your brand and start identifying your goods or services with the brand.
  • When you secure rights by registering your trademark, you will reduce your chances of becoming involved in potentially costly litigation if conflicting claims arise.
  • Your registered trademark can easily be commercialised through licensing agreements such as franchising. Remember, this is a valuable capital asset!

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  • We believe that every trademark is unique. Choose one of our package deals or we will give you a tailor-made quote for your individual needs. We will provide you with the best possible advice to get the most from your trademark investment. Register a trademark today!
  • Please click here for our package deals or we will assess your needs in full and help you to decide the best course of action for your specific requirements. Ultimately, you decide the extent of the protection you want.


  • Your trademark has to serve the purpose of distinguishing your goods or services from that of another trader. It must be unique and distinctive.
  • Your trademark cannot include specially protected emblems e.g. the wool mark.
  • Longer trademarks are more distinctive, have less chance of conflicting with other marks and are easier to register; shorter trade marks are more difficult to register, but are usually more effective.
  • Keep your trademark simple. We recommend something in text form, with the possibility of writing it in a special form, again using Coca-Cola as an example. A device (picture) used in conjunction with a word mark, e.g. Nike and the tick mark, may strengthen your trade mark further.
  • Your prospective trademark must not mislead or deceive customers.
  • Your prospective trademark must not violate public order or morality.
  • Try not to use geographical names e.g Cape Town, common surnames e.g Smith, directions e.g. north, descriptive wording e.g. best and words required in the trade e.g shirts in the clothing class.
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