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    What are the differences between a basic search and a comprehensive search?


    The Basic Search

    • Trademark applications based solely on a basic search have a failure rate of up to 80% or more.
    • It's free.
    • Anyone can do it.
    • The results are narrow - it does not check for plurals, synonyms, phonetic-, visual- or conceptual similarities.
    • Conflicting classes are ignored.
    • Only one database is searched.
    • Most often, the person conducting the search has little to no background knowledge of trademarks and can't interpret the results.


    The Comprehensive Search

    • Nearly a 100% of trademark applications are successful if a comprehensive search was done.
    • It's not free.
    • We are search specialists.
    • Our search methods comply with international industry standards. We search everything.
    • We search all conflicting classes.
    • We search on multiple databases.
    • We have extensive knowledge of trademarks and know how the trademark will get examined by the official CIPC examiners.

    What is a trademark?

    • A trademark identifies the goods and / or services of the owner of the mark.
    • A trade mark may consist of words, numerals, drawings, signs, symbols, colours or combinations thereof.
    • Your trademark can be a brand name, a slogan, a logo or a specific shape or a combination thereof, for example:
    • Brand name e.g. NIKE
    • Slogan e.g. Just Do It
    • Logo (or device) e.g. the NIKE swoosh
    • Specific shape e.g. the Coca Cola bottle
    • Colour e.g. the Edgar's red square

    Why register a trademark?  

    • You will get the exclusive rights to use your trademark in respect of the goods or services for which it was registered. This will prevent unauthorised use of your trademark.
    • Registered trademarks and pending applications are reflected in the official trademark register at CIPC and your brand now becomes visible to others. Consumers will also become familiar with your brand and start identifying your goods or services with the brand.
    • When you secure rights by registering your trademark, you will reduce your chances of becoming involved in potentially costly litigation if conflicting claims arise.
    • Your registered trademark can easily be commercialised through licensing agreements such as franchising. Remember, this is a valuable capital asset!

     Tips for a good trademark 

    • Choosing a trademark that uses descriptive words of your business may not be effective enough to distinguish your brand name from another business. 
    • Do not copy. In the long run this may be expensive if you are asked to withdraw your trademark.
    • Simple and short is best.
    • Your trademark should be easy to pronounce, read and remember.
    • Research the translated meaning, if any, of your proposed trademark. A negative meaning may be disastrous in an advertising campaign.
    • Your trademark should be easy to reproduce in printed or other forms of media.


    What 'things' can we trademark?

    When trying to come up with your new brand name or trademark, you will probably start hitting your head against the proverbial wall.

    It’s not that easy to come up with a catchy, original name and just when you think you’ve nailed it, you find out someone else is using it already.

    You need not be restricted to just an ordinary word or a picture. Below you will find a list of ‘things’ that you can incorporate in your trademark:


    Think about these guidelines when scratching your head!

    • An invented or coined word without any meaning (ZAPPA)
    • An ordinary word that has no specific association or reference to the product or service for which it is used (WHITE HORSE for whisky)
    • A foreign (in South Africa non-English, non-Afrikaans or non-black language) word with a meaning non-relevant to the product or services (J’TAIME)
    • The name of the proprietor or founder of a company (DE BEERS)
    • The name of a famous person (COLUMBUS)
    • A name from mythology (NEPTUNE)
    • It may include initials (PS)
    • Be an acronym (SABC)
    • Can comprise numerals, with or without letters (3G), represented in ordinary letters / numerals or in special letters / numerals
    • And finally, a logo or a pictorial mark, with or without any wording.

    Don’t rush this decision – your trademark is one of the most important investments in your business.

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