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Fees Explained

Below is a word mark 


from R2,195.00

Below is a word mark & logo combined 

from R2,850.00

Trademarking this logo will not protect Google from a competitor using "Google" in their business or product text
Below is a word mark & logo separated



from R4,100.00
Trademarking this logo + word mark will protect Google from a competitor using "Google" in their business or product text
*The above registered trademarks are used merely as an example and belong to the registered proprietor. Trademark24 claims no rights.



Inside the Registration Package 

  • Comprehensive search and feasibility overview
  • Classification of goods and/or services
  • Preparation of the correct specifications of goods and/or services in the relevant classes
  • All lodging and government charges of new applications
  • Routine registration processing services by practicing attorney representatives
  • Everything is included in our fees except for any objections by the registrar or opposition proceedings which might arise. You can at that stage decide if you want to incur extra costs or you can attend to the matters yourself.

It is always advisable that the trademark be searched before the application is made. In order to be considered registerable, your trademark must be capable of distinguishing your goods or services from those of your competitors. We can conduct searches through the records at the South African Trademarks Office for word marks, logos and slogans.

The Trademark Registration Process


Comprehensive searches are conducted on all the elements of your trademark

We send you the results including a feasibility report

Time frame: 24 Hours



Your trademark applications are filed by third party practicing attorneys.

The official confirmation and trademark number are forwarded to you

Time frame: 24 Hours


Your application will undergo examination and the procedures stipulated by the Trade Marks Act must be adhered to 

Your trademark registration certificate is issued once these procedures are finalised

Payment In Two Easy Installments


  • Choose the option from your quote which suits your budget
  • We require 50% deposit for work to start
  • We will proceed with the comprehensive search and feasibility report of your trademark


  • The final 50% is required when you are ready to proceed with the trademark application
  • You will receive your official trademark application confirmation and trademark number

Over 29,000 Trademarks Searched and Registered

What Are Trademark Classes?

Products (“goods”) and services are organised  according to specific categories, or “classes.” If you wish to use a trademark to cover more than a single product or service, and those products or services fall into more than a single class (for example, motorcycles and clothing) additional fees are required for each additional class. There are more than 80 000 products and services listed and each corresponds to a class.

Classification is complex - trademarks may need to be filed in more than one class and conflicting classes should be factored in

Trademark Registration - How It Works

Trademark Registration Process

How Long Does The Trademark Registration Process Take?

The trademark registration process in South Africa is quite long due to some administrative backlogs at the Trademarks Registry.

  • Based on the current rate of examination, new trademark applications are examined approximately 9 months after the date of filing.
  • When any extra compliance, if any, was complied with and the application has been formally accepted, the trademark application must be advertised in the Patent Journal for opposition purposes.
  • Third parties have 3 months from the date of advertisement in which to raise any objections to the registration of the trademark.
  • Provided that no opposition is encountered the trademark registration certificate will be issued approximately 6 months after the date of advertisement.

Why Use Trademark24?

Using An Intermediary

"I’ve called Sorita Pullin at Trademark24, an intermediary for want of a better (more descriptive) term. Sorita Pullin provides search and registration services to customers; they are not lawyers so they don’t provide legal support, but they work for lawyers so they are able to apply that knowledge to the specific services that they provide. I’ve decided to use them because, in terms of my assessment, they provide the best option for my business. 

The turnaround time for the initial search was less than 24 hours. I received both a search report and an opinion on the mark’s suitability for registration. It’s also all done online and with emails with very little admin so far.

The way I look at it an initial search and registration with Trademark24 is cheaper than only doing a search through a lawyer – and since they do searches for lawyers I’m very comfortable with their results. If an objection is raised down the line, I’ll then engage the services of a lawyer. Lawyers are smart, I'm sure they'll get up to speed pretty quickly."